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Monday, November 12, 2007


Nike invited me to be part of their Angelino photoshoot a few weeks back. This past Thursday was the opening celebration for the exhibit going down at The Point. It was a fun photoshoot as we could bring in props to spice things up. I brought in a bunch of AF1 pairs that are deadstock, so I just wrapped those around my neck and played gangsta for about 10 minutes. I got to iD a pair during the night and hopefully I'll get the pair that I designed this time. hahaha. It took a little bit trying to find all the pics of myself, but once you found one, they all started to pop out.

Big ups to Len, Dennis and the crew. What up big Arsen and Jupiter aka Mr. Cameraman for the night.


The Point up in Hollywood.

The installation.

Here we go... rockin the Stones Throw tee. Big ups Jamie.

and another...

and yet another...

find Waldo.

Jupe doin his thang.

some ear candy.

some eye candy... HEY, they're takin! Len (Nike) and Mayb representin'.

Willie Wonka's mini-factory.

more factory, upstairs.

peace out.

The Social Trust Holloween Bash!

Went to go support the homie PSun and crew with the wifey on Holloween night, and also to meet up with Emmy from Fatlace. It was a great turnout. It's good to see the community support TST, especially with New Era sending over some Monster Pack caps to give away. Unfortunately I played the "too old for costume" card and came as good ol' Ric. Next year I'll do it up for sure.

Big ups to PSUN for making it happen and to Dana (New Era) for their support.

I've been lagging on posting pics but I finally get a chance to breathe so here you go...

Enter if you dare...


Art by Hiroshino

Handmade Hiroshino Doll installation...

Skateboard art by Goose

Kono bad ass character with bone nunchucks!

Art by Kono

Fresh artwork, not sure who the artist is.

SGV Sound!

PSun in da house!

Mayb in awww over the art.

Music, Drink, Candy, Costumes, Friends... what more could you ask for.

Em (Fatlace/Premium Plus Mag) and Taylor hanging out.

EyeOne (SH/LOST) represent!

Horror flicks running all night...

This was the best costume in my opinion. It was so convincing I gave her a brew... not j/k. I rather give her some change and keep the beer's for myself. hahahaha

Downtown LA... gotta love it!

More fun events coming out of The Social Trust... stay tuned!


coming sooner than you think.