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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back from NY... here's a glimpse.

So I finally made it back home. I heard we missed a heatwave out in LA... oh well, we were fine in our hi-70's out in Brooklyn.

Jason and I had a blast. A very productive trip with tons of new projects on the horizon. Big ups to Jess, John, Squirt and Sushi for allowing us to invade their space. This was Jason's first time out there so you know we had to do the sight seeing thang... Also, big ups to everyone we had meetings with, shared drinks with, had dinner, had lunches with, to those we bumped into on the streets and big ups to all the stores that had sales going on... hahahaha.

Enjoy the pics.

Max Galzer gettin' busy at HOPE.

On the building across from HOPE.

and another fresh piece...

New York blowin' some steam off.

sneaker club...?!

even the signs have attitude!


all that's missing are Laker jerseys.


This place was dope. It's called Rickshaw and its a dumpling bar with a watermelonade that tastes like real watermelon juice. Located across from the Ecko building.

On our way to Chinatown for some grub.

Then off to The Reed Space.

A look inside...

Represent, represent.

Introducing Squirt.

and Sushi.

Swung by Frank's Chop Shop too. Definitely a dope spot to peep out and grab a cut or a cap. Also make sure to pick up the latest Frank151.

John and Jess recommended this spot... all I have to say is "Soup Dumplings" Get there early!

Makin' moves...


more munchies...

Lazy mutha f@ckers...

Welcome to the information autobauhn.

Can't have the Big Apple without Ambulances racing around.

Times Sqaure during the day...

Just saw this and was kind of dissappointed... I like RH1 &2 better.

We fly high...

Ground Zero... stay tuned for the Freedom Tower.

Grinds... Chinatown style.

Shopping at its finest.... for her.

Jason Markk x NORT collab signed by Stash... like what!

peace out NY... until the next time.