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Friday, August 12, 2005


Leading lifestyle brand PUMA, needs cool, smart interns for its Entertainment Marketing Division.   Interns are involved in all facets of entertainment marketing including, product placement, celebrity seeding, promotions and special events.  They must have a clear understanding of fashion’s role in today’s media and possess a knowledge of film, television & music genres.
* Internship is for school credit only.  

To apply send resume and interesting cover letter via email ONLY to; katie.goodwin@puma.com

Monday, August 08, 2005


The folks over at NORT have teamed up with New Era to produce two exclusive colors.

These are available at all NORT stores (Berlin, SF & NYC).

For more info and NORT products visit:
  • www.nortstore.com
  • Sunday, August 07, 2005

    For all you New Yorkers...

    Join Triple 5 Soul, THE FADER, and Ubiquity Records to celebrate the release of Triple 5 Soul Sessions Vol. 3: WAAJEED

    Friday, August 12th @ Triple Crown
    108 Bedford Ave. @ N11th in Brooklyn
    Red Stripe & Smirnoff Open Bar 9pm-11pm

    *15 RSVP’s will be randomly selected to receive the rare Japanese edition of the Platinum Pied Pipers Album, TRIPLE P

    The Team:
  • www.Triple5Soul.com
  • www.theFader.com
  • www.UbiquityRecords.com
  • T5S | The Fader | Turntable Lab present...

    1st Annual Soul Sessions Tour Presented by Triple 5 Soul. The Fader and Turntable Lab.

    Monday, August 29— Las Vegas @ Tabu
    Thursday, September 15 — Chicago @ Untitled (in-store) & Sonotheque (night venue)
    Saturday, September 17 — NYC @ Atrium (in-store) & Southpaw (night venue)
    Friday, September 23 — San Francisco @ True (in-store) & Milk Bar (night venue)
    Sunday, September 25 — Los Angeles @ Fred Segal (in-store) & Montmartre (night venue)

    Featured Artists:
    Blue Jemz & Roger Yamaha (Money Studies) / Bun B (UGK) / DJ Language (Negroclash/BBE)
    Ge-ology (Female Fun/Studio Distribution) / Diplo & Low Budget aka Hollertronix (Money Studies)
    Lindsey (Negroclash/Triple Crown)Madlib (Stones Throw) / Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw)
    Platinum Pied Pipers (Ubiquity) / Sake-One (Local 1200) / Spank Rock (Big Dada, Money Studies)
    Waajeed (Platinum Pied Pipers, Bling 47)

    For more info:
  • www.Triple5Soul.com
  • www.theFader.com
  • www.TurntableLab.com
  • MADE Magazine | no. 20 | OUT NOW!

    If your looking for the hard-to-find mini mag, MADE, well look no further.

    Mr. Kim and his Evil empire has some copies stocked in the EM store.

    Go see for yourself:
  • EM Store
  • MADE Mag
  • AcQUIRED x SBTG LE t-shirts

    Just announced, AcQUIRED and SBTG will be doing a very limited (250 to be exact) run of t-shirts.

    Working side by side, both companies have something special in store for everyone. No two tshirts will be alike.

    To find out more info:
  • www.acquiredclothing.com
  • www.freshnessmag.com
  • www.royalefam.com