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Thursday, April 05, 2007

24 Hour Kobe Event begins this Friday 4.6

24 For 24, hosted by #24

A 24-Hour Basketball Charity Event benefiting Kobe’s VIVO Foundation and the LA Lakers Youth Foundation at THE POINT

Beginning at midnight the evening of Friday, April 6th, the Zoom Kobe II will be on sale at THE POINT. 24 of the pairs will be autographed by Kobe. Chances are random, but those 24 lucky purchasers will have the opportunity to be on court with Kobe as well as a meet and greet with #24 on the afternoon of April 7th.

We will also begin selling limited edition Nike T-shirts for $24 at THE POINT, with all proceeds benefiting the VIVO and Lakers Youth Foundation. All those who purchase a T-shirt before noon on April 7th will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to also be on court with Kobe the afternoon of April 7th.

There will also be a 24 hour silent auction going on, so bring your wallets! Some of the hot auction items include two tickets to the American Idol finale taping, Los Angeles Lakers tickets, a party hosted by Nike iD for you and 24 of your friends, a pair of LE Zoom Kobe I's (81 Point) and many more limited edition items.

Tip-off for the 24 Hour basketball game is at midnight the evening of Friday, April 6th … so be sure to be there to cheer on the players.

Event begins at 9pm on Friday, April 6th.
1542 N. Cahuenga Blvd. (between Sunset and Selma)
Valet Parking, Complimentary food and drink provided.
RSVP required: rsvpthepoint@nike.com (please insert 24 For 24 in subject line)
Invite includes addressee +1 guest (invite is non-transferable)

* You can catch the SecretEmpire crew hoopin' it up at 3AM (yes, AM)!