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Friday, October 07, 2005



BEN, REBECCA, MOLLY @ T5S - Thanks for an amazing event. Can't wait to see next seasons designs.
ADAM @ SLAM X HYPE - Next time you need to stay like a month in LA! SlamHype World Tour continues...
PETE @ CAUSAL PICTURES/HANGAR 1018 - Let's get it cookin'. Take over for 2006 on its' way.
KEVIN @ HYPEBEAST - Thanks for spreadin' the word. Best believe the hype!
AQUATIC UNICORN - The real Wonderwoman
MATT @ BPM - Always comin' through
DOM @ GRAVIS - Coast to Coast baby!
AILEEN @ PUMA - You rock!
ICY ICE @ STACKS - The Carson Connexion!!! Keepin' it really real.
QBERT - Shootz braddah, you da kine. Tearin it up island style.
YOGAFROG - Next time the mai tais are on me.
TODD @ IN4MATION - The OG from paradise.
CHRIS @ KICKS/HI - Delve1nder to the rescue.
JOSH @ URB - Loose Tooth is crackin'!
NIK @ TABLIST - NY to LA homie.
OSA @ LIVE MECH. - Mr. Foreign Affairs, i'm blowin up the celly come monday!
LAZY - Best kept secret... not for long. Thanks for the interview.
TWELVEAM - With your photos in hand... get ready world.
CRIS1 - Watch for him in 2006
NATE @ NIKE - OUCH, thats a scorcher! How did you know i'm a hi-res fiend.
NEZ, YVONNE & MJ - Happy BDAY! Drunkn' Friday here we come!